1. How do you submit billing support questions? #

    Please enter a support ticket through our Help Desk.

  2. Where do you find the current pricing for Laughing Squid’s cloud hosting? #

    Our pricing and features can be found on our Hosting Plan page.

  3. How do you update account information and credit card? #

    Account billing information is changed/updated through our online billing system, Freshbooks.

    The quickest way to access Freshbooks is to click the link on one of your hosting invoices, and then click “Profile“. When you have completed updating your account information, click “Save“. If you do not have an invoice, please contact us through the Help Desk and we will email one to your primary email address.

    NOTE: If there are any overdue invoices on your billing account, these will need to be paid manually. Updating your credit billing information WILL NOT resolve outstanding bills. Manual payment is done by clicking on the invoice, then “Pay online” and entering the requested information. We have a video tutorial that shows more about using Freshbooks and performing manual payments.

  4. What forms of payment are available? #

    We only accept payment by credit card, either Visa, Master Card or American Express.

    We do not take payment by check or money order.

    NOTE: If you have a debit/check card that works like a Visa or Master Card, you can use that to pay your hosting charges, just make sure you have enough funds in your bank account to cover the charges.

  5. What billing periods are available? #

    All our cloud hosting plans are billed on a monthly billing cycle, starting on the date your original order is processed.

  6. What happens if I exceed the quota for my hosting plan? #

    Volume pricing is available for current customers who need additional resources. Add on packages are available in $4 increments and includes 1GB of disk space, 10GB of bandwidth and 250 additional compute cycles.

    Once you have exceeded any of your quotas, the appropriate number of add on packages will automatically be added to your account. If later on you have reduced your usage, you can request to remove the add on packages.

    Please note that we do not host any domains that exceed 10GB of disk space, 200GB of monthly bandwidth or 3000 compute cycles a month. Domains exceeding any of those amounts will need to look into other hosting options

    If you know you are about to exceed any of your quotas, please enter a support ticket through our Help Desk to request an upgrade of your hosting plan.

  7. At what point is a credit card charged for hosting service? #

    Once your account has been setup on our servers, your credit card will be charged for a month of hosting. After that your credit card will automatically be charged a full month each billing cycle.

    Laughing Squid will not cancel a web hosting account without a completed Web Hosting Cancellation Form.

  8. How do you change the hosting plan for a domain? #

    To change the plan associated with a domain please enter a support ticket through our Help Desk.

  9. How do you cancel hosting for one or more domains? #

    Just fill out our Web Hosting Cancellation Form and your domain(s) will be deactivated within 48 hours or less from the time that this form is submitted (Monday through Friday).

    Laughing Squid will not deactivate hosting for a domain without a completed cancellation form. The customer is liable for all services rendered and billed up until the time that the account is canceled. Hosting charges are not pro-rated when an account is canceled. As long as the cancellation form is completed prior to the next billing cycle the customer will not be billed beyond the current period. Please refer to our Web Hosting Cancellation Form for additional information related to domain hosting deactivation.

  10. Do you require any kind of minimum contract for hosting? #

    No, we do not require any kind of minimum hosting contracts. All of our hosting is charged on a monthly billing cycle. You can leave at any time, just fill out our Web Hosting Cancellation Form.

  11. Are there any setup charges associated with your web hosting services? #

    No, we do not have any kind of setup charges.

  12. Who do you pay for domain registration and how much does it cost? #

    You can register a domain through the domain registrar of your choice. The prices will vary from registrar to registrar. Check out our Domain FAQ for more info.