General Information

  1. What is cloud hosting? #

    With cloud hosting, data is stored on clusters of servers, instead of a single stand-alone server. This provides increased reliability, reducing the risk of downtime by removing a single point of failure. It also allows for better scaling of resources when there is high traffic or load spikes.

  2. What is a Compute Cycle? #

    Compute cycles are a measurement designed by Liquid Web to measure the utilization of cloud services. This primarily consists of CPU processing time but also measures disk i/o as well. If you are concerned about a large number of accesses to media files, there is a media accelerator available to reduce the amount of compute cycles consumed.

    There is not currently a way to cap cpu cycles or disk space, so if you are concerned about going over the limit you will need to monitor your cpu cycles closely. Your compute cycle statistics are available to you in near real time from your control panel. In addition we are happy to assist you in locating any problems causing you to use excessive cycles, just submit a support ticket through our Help Desk.

  3. What data center does Laughing Squid use? #

    Laughing Squid has partnered with Liquid Web to use their Cloud Sites service, a cluster of hundreds of servers located in their world-class data centers.

  4. How are the servers backed up? #

    Liquid Web runs nightly backups of its cloud hosting clusters. The purpose of these backups is for restoring a server cluster’s data in a situation where there is massive data loss or a security compromise.

    You should backup your website locally on your own system in case you accidentally delete files from your website or experience other types of data loss. We recommend using an automated backup solution such as a WordPress Plugin or other script to backup the site.

    If you are running WordPress, we highly recommend Automattic’s amazing backup service VaultPress.

    You can also retrieve uploaded website files going back the previous 32 hours using the FTP snapshot feature.

  5. What operating system does Laughing Squid use? #

    Laughing Squid’s cloud hosting runs on the Linux operating system using the Apache webserver. The majority of the software we use is open source.

  6. What is your privacy policy? #

    You can find this on our Privacy Policy page.

  7. What is your Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)? #

    You can find this on our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) page.

  8. What are your Terms of Service? #

    You can find this on our Terms of Service page.

  9. Can blogs be installed on Laughing Squid’s servers? #

    Yes, Laughing Squid supports many popular blog scripts and WordPress is by far our customers’ favorite blog script and is really easy to install and use.

  10. Can a website be accessed both with and without the prefix “www”? #

    Yes, domains hosted on our server will properly resolve with and without the “www” prefix.

  11. Does Laughing Squid provide internet connectivity like dial-up, Cable or DSL services? #

    Laughing Squid does not provide any type of internet connectivity, but you will need to have internet access in order to access your web hosting account.

  12. Can a website hosted with Laughing Squid be used for commercial purposes? #

    Absolutely. It’s your website, you can do whatever you want with it as long as it’s within the guidelines outlined in our Terms of Service agreement.

  13. Do you host adult (porn) websites? #

    We don’t host adult/porn websites, but we do allow nude photography, erotic art/writing and other erotic material. You are responsible for making sure that you provide proper warnings and disclaimers concerning the contents of your website.

    Our definition of a porn website is a website that sells memberships to access adult images and video or a website that is solely setup to distribute adult images and video. Most adult websites in general tend to have a heavy load on the server because they attempt to attract as much traffic as possible to the website and the visitors to these websites in turn download a high volume of images and video files. We avoid hosting any websites that may have an adverse affect on the performance of our servers.

    If you’re still not sure whether your website meets our guidelines, then submit a support ticket through our Help Desk, referencing the url of your website, and we’ll let you know if it is the type of website we can host.

  14. Do you support streaming media, podcasting or video blogs? #

    Please see the streaming media section of our Website Setup FAQ for more info.

  15. Do you support Microsoft Windows hosting? #

    No, we only support Linux hosting. Although there is the option to select Windows server technologies inside of the Cloud control panel interface, Laughing Squid only provides hosting support for LAMP technologies.

    In the Technologies area of the control panel please make sure you have Linux / Apache / PHP selected. We do not support the Windows Server / IIS hosting option.

  16. Do you support Microsoft’s FrontPage Server Extensions? #

    For security and performance reasons, we do not support FrontPage Server Extensions. However it is possible to still build your website using Front Page, assuming you have disabled the extensions feature.

  17. Do you offer shell access? #

    For security reasons, we do not offer any type of shell access under any circumstances, including telnet and SSH. We do offer SFTP connections, which can be mounted locally with an SSHFS client such as ExpanDrive.

  18. Do you offer anonymous FTP? #

    For security reasons, we do not support anonymous FTP.

  19. Do you offer any kind of custom web hosting, like DNS hosting or content only hosting? #

    There are several hosting scenarios we DO NOT offer at Laughing Squid:

    • DNS only — You just want us to host your DNS only and point to your remote server.
    • External DNS — You maintain your DNS and use our server for content and email only.
    • PHP content only — You have a website hosted elsewhere and simply want your PHP scripts (or other scripting/database) hosted with us.

    Although these situations may be technically feasible, we provide a complete hosting environment and to arbitrarily accept or decline certain portions of the services we offer increases administration and costs. Please keep in mind that we are a small, independent hosting provider and consistency of services offered is one of the things helps us maintain our high level of performance, security and reliability.

  20. Is it possible to install external software on the server? #

    We do not offer any kind of custom hosting options, including the installation of external software.

  21. Do you have a reseller program, offer co-location or dedicated servers? #

    We do not; our focus is on hosting individual websites only.

  22. Do you offer any ecommerce packages? #

    We do not offer any pre-packaged, turnkey ecommerce services, but it is possible for you to build an online store for credit card purchases. Many pre-built shopping cart scripts and other e-commerce packages will work with any of our hosting plans. SSL is available for our web hosting accounts, and purchase your own domain-specific SSL certificate from the certificate authority of your choice.

    Another option would be to use an outside service to setup an online store and integrate it your website. Some options include Shopify, PayPal, Google Checkout and Yahoo! Store.

  23. How do you go about submitting a website to the major search engines and improve search ranking? #

    First of all, we do not recommend that you use any search engine submission services, since it is impossible for any company to guarantee your website’s rank in search results, regardless of how much they charge you. Instead what we recommend is that your read through Google’s Information for Webmasters and develop your website within these parameters. Once you have launched your website, Add your URL to Google. You should also read through the guidelines for the other major search engines, such as Yahoo and Bing, and submit your website with them as well.

    Joost de Valk has a great article on WordPress SEO.

    Some good resources for search engine information and search engine optimization (SEO) are Search Engine Watch and Matt Cutts of Google.

  24. Do you offer Ruby on Rails? #

    Ruby on Rails is not available in our cloud infrastructure.

  25. Are customers required to maintain any scripts or code uploaded to our server?#

    Yes, any scripts that are uploaded to our servers must be maintained by keeping them updated to their current stable version. This is to prevent security and performance issues that can arise from out-dated code.