Laughing Squid Hosting Plans

Simple Squid – $4/month #

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Micro Squid – $6/month #

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Mega Squid – $8/month #

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Forwarding Squid – $3/month #

NOTE: The Forwarding Squid plan is for domain forwarding only. It does not come with any space to host a website. You should only choose this option if you need to forward a domain and/or want to use a domain for email only.

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Volume Pricing #

Volume pricing is available for existing customers who need additional resources. Add on packages are available in $4 increments and include 1GB of disk space, 10GB of bandwidth and 250 additional compute cycles.

Once you have exceeded any of your quotas, the appropriate number of add on packages will automatically be added to your account. If later on you have reduced your usage, you can request to remove the add on packages.

Please note that we do not host any websites that exceed 10GB of disk space, 200GB of monthly bandwidth or 3000 compute cycles a month. Websites exceeding any of those amounts will be suspended and will need to either reduce their usage or look into other hosting options.

If you know you are about to exceed any of your quotas, please enter a support ticket through our Help Desk to request the appropriate number of add on packages.

Add-on email accounts are available at a cost of $1/mo for each, and add-on MySQL databases are also available at a cost of $1/mo each.

The maximum amount of MySQL databases allowed per domain is 5.


Standard Features #

The following features are included with our hosting plan:

NOTE: We do not provide any access to the internet such as dial-up service, DSL, cable and so on. You will still need to have the means to connect to the internet to access and update a website that we host for you.


Disk Space #

Disk space (storage) is the total amount of space that is used by all of the files associated with your site, including log files and MySQL databases. Please note, email storage is a separate quota.


Bandwidth (Traffic) #

Bandwidth is the total amount of data transferred from the server each month and this number increases as your website is accessed more often. The more visitors you have, the greater the bandwidth you will have each month. This figure is also influenced by the size and type of files visitors are requesting, ie. audio and video files use up much more data transfer than text and images.


Compute Cycles #

Compute cycles measure how much processing time your website uses in the cloud. Our FAQ entry contains more information about this.


Email Storage #

Email storage is the total amount of server space that can be used by each mailbox associated with your domain. This is a 25GB hard quota, so if it is exceeded, then any new email sent to your mailbox will bounce back to the sender until you free up some space by deleting/downloading old mail (including deleting sent mail).


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